KEN AND AMY’S WEDDING – 01.06.2019

Congratulations to Amy and Ken (Vincent’s cousin) that they just got married earlier this month at a beautiful vineyard 🌿🥂🍾

It’s safe to say that this was the most aesthetic wedding that we have been to. The theme colours were black, white, wooden and leafy green. Minimal and elegant! (i loved the cake Katherine made and the leaf decor that Luke put together)

This time, since Vincent was one of the groomsmen, we didn’t sit next to each other. However, i was with all the cousins, and he would come to check up on us every now and then, and we were dancing most of the time so i didn’t feel much awkward. Someone (Kevin, i guess?) suggested everyone a drink which is mixing white wine with orange juice. It tasted like awesomeness.

But after all, a wedding is just a day in your life. The coming marriage is way much more important, and i’m glad that they both surrendered their lives to Christ and love each other by His love. I hope Ken and Amy will forever stand firm in their faith, that together they will prosper in the good works that God has prepared.

We love you both, Ken and Amy (and please book a double date soon!!!)


Vince and i and the vines

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